Ruling the Games

a podcast series

Royal Revolt, Plunder Pirates and Angry Birds - 18 October 2014   (52:29)

Royal Revolt, Plunder Pirates and Angry Birds Transformers are discussed, along with assorted discussion on the new Apple products release. Paul's obsession with Space Engineers fills out the episode.

Assassin's Creed Pirates - 22 February 2014   (51:43)

Assassin's Creed Pirates is a fun pirate theme game for both PCs and iOS devices. Ninja12129 from joins Taeles and Lisa to discuss the various versions of the game. Also included is a brief discussion of the PC based Kerbal Space Program.

Taeles Gaming Highlights 2013 - 4 January 2014   (47:58)

Taeles and Lisa discuss some of the great iOS games from 2013 including Little Inferno, Oceanhorn, Clumsey Ninja, Infinity Blade III.

Swordigo - 5 May 2012   (17:01)

Taeles and Lisa discuss the adventure RPG Swordigo. It's perfect for both players new to RPGs and those that have been playing for many years.

Tribez - 28 April 2012   (48:34)

Taeles and DLorgere join Lisa to discuss the crazy fun iPad game Tribez by Game Insight, as well as to ramble into other gaming and iOS topics.

Taking Flight with Air Wings - 18 March 2012   (01:01:20)

Zimidar and Taeles join Lisa to discuss the exciting new game Air Wings by Pangea Software, a fun flying game. They also discuss the new iPad, Dreamtopia, and other apps including Star Walk and Solar Walk, as well as share a few We Rule tips and discuss Taeles blog on ngmocogames. (Note: is no longer online).

A Taeles of Two iOS Games - 3 March 2012   (43:49)

Taeles is a popular player in the Plus+ and Game Center network and various gaming sites. He has played and reviewed hundreds of iOS games and shares some of his experience with Lisa. He joins Lisa to discuss We Rule, Eufloria and various iOS games. View Taeles We Rule photo album from the past two years of ruling on photobucket.

TobinNYC's World - 20 February 2012   (59:29)

TobinNYC is a composer, musician, writerm story teller and We Ruler. He joins Lisa to discuss his We Rule designs, his music and his life in NYC. His website is at and his music is available on iTunes and on CD baby. You can also enjoy Tobin's work in his new youtube channel and his blog at

Welcome to DragonVale - 30 January 2012   (51:59)

Lisa discusses the iOS game DragonVale by Backflip studios. Joining her are peeps0208, dlorgere and Zimidar. They discuss basics about the game, how to play and how to get the rare dragons.

We Rule Super Stacking - 28 January 2012   (48:10)

Lisa continues talking with dlorgere and knillinux on stacking in We Rule. They discuss super stacking and other tips regarding how to stack and harvest in the game. Check out dlorgere's video on super stacking mining camps.

We Rule Stacking 101 - 21 January 2012   (37:22)

Lisa talks with dlorgere and knillinux on the basics of stacking in We Rule. They discuss what it is, how to do it, why to do it and a little of the history of it's use in the game. Sites mentioned include this Taeles stacking video.

The Kingdoms of Gatecon - 29 December 2011   (39:46)

Lisa talks with Gatecon about his multi realm designs and how the forums have brought them, as well as many others, together as friends. Richard also explains how the TheDLPA joint kingdom came about and a surprise guest joins in near the end of the podcast.

Winter Realms - 12 December 2011   (40:56)

Lisa talks with Zimidar about the new winter content and the current contests hosted on