Ruling the Games

a podcast series


Ruling the games is a podcast series hosted by two friends that love to play games.

It was created by Lisa in December 2011 and was originally intended to focus on the iOS game We Rule and include some chat about other games. Her first guests were popular We Rule players and frequent contributors to various We Rule forums.

Once Taeles started joined the podcast, the series evolved it's focus to iOS games in general. This proved to be inevitable, for as much as these two gamers loved We Rule, it was taken offline in 2013, ending it's reign as an iOS favorite.

The series was rebooted in 2014 with a continued focus on mobile gaming, particularly games played on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

Visit Taeles' Blog at Games Worth Playing for lots of great insights, tips, videos, tutorials and game news. You can also keep up with Taeles gaming adventures via his Games Worth Playing Facebook Page.

There's lots of fun gaming chat on all kinds of games at the Mojo-Farm Forum.

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